Project Management

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Step 1: Define the project

Many organizations jump into developing detailed project plans before clearly defining the project. Project definition can be a brief list or a more formal project charter document and is a key element of starting in the right direction. This content is agreed upon by stakeholders before the project is begun and can be referred to during the project when decisions need to be made.

  • Objectives: What is the purpose for the project? What are the guiding principles?
  • Scope: What is in scope, and what is not in scope? What are the rules for managing scope changes during the project?
  • Responsibility Chart: Who is responsible for which categories? How many hours per week they will be dedicated to the project?
  • Risks and Constraints: Which may impact the project and mitigation strategy?
  • Communication: Define the recurring meeting and project status reporting cadence.
  • Milestone Time Line: Create an initial time line that defines milestone level tasks from the start of the project through post-go live.
Step 2: Plan the Work

Using our proven project management expertise, our team works with organizations to develop detailed project plan documents.

  • Project Plan/Work Breakdown Structure: Create a detailed project plan of who does what when from the start of the project through post-go live, covering all tasks for all areas and their interdependencies.
  • Change Management Plan: Create a detailed plan on what, how and when to communicate the changes to the organization that result from the project.
  • Training Plan: Who needs to be trained on what, when and where?
Step 3: Work the Plan
  • Direct and manage the execution of the plans.
  • Monitor and control scope, quality, costs, risks and constraints.
  • Communicate project status to stakeholders.



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