Operational Assessment

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Our team delivers assessments of specific target areas such as Payroll or Workforce Management, and can also provide full assessments across all Human Capital Management functional areas. Our process includes:

Step 1: Conduct a full People, Process, Technology assessment
  • Client shares all current HCM process documentation to ClearCourse.
  • We conduct interviews with all relevant stakeholders and subject matter experts across HCM functional areas. This includes anyone in your company who has input on the overall process, including: Payroll, HR, Benefits, timekeeping, Information Technology, and Finance.
  • A member of our team shadows Payroll and timekeeping employees during key processing windows to measure the capabilities of the staff, review the processes and evaluate the technology utilization.
  • Client provides data extracts from HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance systems to ClearCourse for analysis purposes.
Step 2: Analyze and evaluate information from the assessment
  • We analyze data extracts provided and determine if compliance or data integrity issues exist.
  • We apply industry best practices and evaluate each topic assessed against best practice.

  • We analyze processes and technology utilization and identify opportunities for improvement.

Step 3: Create and present an assessment report and suggested roadmap
  • We create a detailed report based on the information gathered during the assessment and analysis steps. The report measures each topic covered during the assessment against best practices and identifies gaps.

  • We create a suggested roadmap addressing how to improve each topic needed.

  • We present the assessment report and suggested roadmap to your management team, answering questions and sharing expertise.



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