Delivering solutions to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations is a part of our culture. Below is feedback we’ve received from our happy clients over the past two decades.

We utilized the services of ClearCourse Consulting for an expression update that we knew would be very complicated. Not only did they do an amazing job diagnosing and correcting the issue – but did so with a vast amount of patience and professionalism along the way. I would not hesitate to work with ClearCourse on future projects… they’re simply the best!

Sharon Downey
ACRO Service Corporation

I wanted to express and share my ongoing appreciation for ClearCourse Consulting’s exceptional project management delivery, extensive ADP system knowledge, and excellent escalation abilities in all aspects of our Celergo implementation and integration set-up. Over the past four years, ClearCourse has consistently demonstrated their invaluable expertise and dedication to our projects at Lifescan. ClearCourse’s unwavering support has played a pivotal role in our project’s success!

Kristie Devericks

ClearCourse Consulting has been pivotal in guiding us through multiple payroll implementations, ensuring seamless transitions and effective integration of new systems and processes. Their comprehensive understanding of payroll regulations and best practices has been instrumental in streamlining our payroll operations and enhancing efficiency. Their proactive approach and attention to detail have played a key role in ensuring that our payroll processes remain smooth, accurate, and compliant with ever changing regulatory requirements.

Lloyd Comeau
The Innovation Institute

ClearCourse Consulting’s unwavering commitment to excellence, helpful demeanor, and dedication to teaching us the ins and outs of Dayforce payroll tasks have made a significant impact on our team. We consider ClearCourse a trusted partner and integral part of our team!

Jelizia Rivera
MAN Energy Solutions USA Inc.

ClearCourse helped me set up a vacation carryover rule in the system. Great experience, they explained everything that they were doing, provided options and was always there for support, even at a moment’s notice. We have future projects coming up and ClearCourse Consulting is the organization that I will be reaching out to.

Trina Tessier
HDR Inc.

ClearCourse Consulting has been such a pleasure to work with! They maintain a professional demeanor under pressure, and also provides constructive opinions based on their observations. Their consistent effort, and extensive knowledge of Dayforce has made a positive impact with the payroll project, and with daily tasks that need to be managed. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with ClearCourse. Their willingness to assist, and take on specific tasks has truly helped my work load.

Rachel Eagan
Bay Cove Human Services/CASPAR, Inc

ClearCourse Consulting was a pleasure to work with. Their consultant explained everything very clearly, answered any questions I had and if ever something came up, he jumped on it as soon as he could. The professionalism and work ethic was top notch and I’ve never had a bad experience working with ClearCourse. I highly recommend them and their services.

Shameka Mackall

ClearCourse Consulting’s expertise and ability to quickly assess and report on critical vendor requirements ensured that my team and I could focus on getting payroll out while the ClearCourse team spent countless hours, including evenings and weekends, to focus on the emergency at hand and resolve our union reporting issue. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for our organization. We are truly grateful and blessed to have ClearCourse Consulting as part of our extended TFI Family!

Wendy Rose
TFI International

We have been working with ClearCourse Consulting since November 2023 and they’ve helped us with several Dayforce projects. We have found each member of their team to be very knowledgeable, attentive to detail and our deadlines have always been met without any problems. We highly recommend their services, and we look forward to working on future projects with them.

Robynn Ross
Community Living Kingston and District

Wallick Communities had the pleasure of partnering with Clearcourse Consulting during a transitional phase in our HRIS administration. Their adept team seamlessly assumed day-to-day operations of Dayforce while also providing invaluable configuration guidance and best practice consulting. Their professionalism and expertise significantly eased our burden during this period, allowing us the time to focus on finding a replacement HRIS admin. Clearcourse Consulting exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend their services to any organization seeking top-tier HRIS support.

Lorne Sykora
Wallick Communities

It is with great pleasure that I send a note of thanks to you for blessing me with ClearCourse. I found them to be professional and knowledgeable! They collaborate well, share ideas, and always seem to align with me on process, procedure and next steps. ClearCourse was a great resource to BetaNXT through the transition of payroll processing for the U.S.

Kimberly Castillo

I cannot thank ClearCourse Consulting enough for the invaluable support they provided through the implementation of our HCM solution. They seamlessly guided us through the implementation process and continued to offer exceptional system support. Thanks to their unwavering commitment and deep knowledge, we’ve begun to streamline our HCM processes and improve efficiency. Their services have truly been a game-changer for our company, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their outstanding work and the relationships built.

Kassey Kampman
SSA Group

We were introduced to ClearCourse by our Ceridian Customer Success Manager who was unable to assist us with an extremely urgent benefits renewal Dayforce project. Within hours of contacting ClearCourse, we had a clear path to execute in what seemed like an impossible timeframe. They quickly hit the ground running and kept us informed every step of the way. I’m so grateful and will continue to partner with ClearCourse on other projects.

Michele Yavarian
Reed Autism Services

ClearCourse has been an important partner for us over the past two years as our company has been expanding. They guided us through a vendor selection process to identify a HCM provider and then helped implement the solution. Along the way, ClearCourse has displayed an attention to detail, excellent customer service, and have made expert recommendations. As always, I appreciate everything Clearcourse does for us. Great, knowledgeable, responsive team!

Marci Fouts
Lightning eMotors

ClearCourse was a major player on our Gen Team and we relied on them tremendously. Their professionalism and experience helped the Payroll Team through a pretty tough period. We could not have done this without ClearCourse. They were a pleasure to work with and I would yell from the roof top to any company how fabulous they are.

Bea Angolano
Gen Digital

ClearCourse was thoroughly familiar with all aspects of Dayforce and helped us improve our workflows that we use regularly. They were very responsive to our requests and worked with us to understand how Dayforce features and capabilities can fit our business needs. They were very knowledgeable about Dayforce products and provided us with useful guidance in developing the project requirements, and delivered high quality work products that we are able to use in our business processes.

Ayako Hagihara
Cox Castle

Almost immediately after our first contact with ClearCourse to discuss our Open Enrollment needs, they successfully created everything that we needed, and we were extremely satisfied with their work. ClearCourse quickly and efficiently met our insanely short deadline with flying colors. I would highly recommend ClearCourse to anyone looking for Dayforce assistance. They are superstars!

Diane Kildun
Ojai Valley Inn

ClearCourse has helped our team navigate through implementation of Ceridian products and helped our team with projects and training. They are very thorough and patient and have vast knowledge of the Ceridian Dayforce product. They have our company’s best interest at heart and go the extra mile to make sure our projects are completed accurately and timely. I highly recommend ClearCourse and their team.

Lori Srb
Rand Worldwide

We recently went through a Ceridian Dayforce HCM implementation which proved to be slightly more challenging than was anticipated from the outset. Due to time constraints and other outlying issues we needed to get an outside consultant in place, quickly. We reached out to 3 or 4 vendors and what stuck with us regarding ClearCourse Consulting was their firsthand knowledge with Ceridian and the straightforward contract. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and great to work with. They found solutions quickly and guided us to best practices within the HRIS program. They offered solutions to issues that were at a dead-end with our implementation team. If you are looking for a consulting firm with excellent knowledge and resources, we recommend ClearCourse Consulting.

Katie Burke

ClearCourse Consulting, was beyond helpful, not to mention very easy going and amazing to work with! Shortly after we included the ClearCourse team in our migration project, we were able to see the path to completion that much clearer. ClearCourse also offered additional services with putting together our training materials, reviewing important documents and proposing recommendations based on the plan restrictions etc. I highly recommend ClearCourse to any company and would look to partner with them in the future! 

Daria Starck
Razzoo's Cajun Café

I’d like to thank ClearCourse for all your help when we processed our recent payroll. The work they did to make sure all timesheet calculations were accurate for our non-exempt employees who received back-dated merit increases was instrumental to our successful payroll run. We would have had to do several manual calculations and issue retro payments in the following payroll for these overtime hours had it not been for their assistance. We greatly appreciate their urgency addressing this issue and the constant communication on the status of the recalculations.

Mariel Whitamore
Bottomline Technologies

I’m writing to share with you how much of an asset Nicholas is to your company. I have enjoyed working with ClearCourse immensely and they have been a lifesaver for us this open enrollment period. They are very knowledgeable, professional, communicative, upbeat, kind and just a pleasure to work with. I’m very glad I found ClearCourse!

Stacey Higman
Blue Hawk Consulting

With only three months until go-live on the new payroll system, the project was at risk. Clearcourse experts began within a week after our introduction and worked tirelessly and put the project back on track. We did not have the expertise and knowledge of the new system to know what was critical for go-live and what could follow later. It is clear we would not have been successful without ClearCourse. Even now we continue to rely on their support. Extremely grateful for the Clearcourse Team and highly recommend them. Thanks for all your help!

Dan Morgan

ClearCourse was able to quickly step into the project mid-stream, assess the situation and immediately start applying expertise. Their professionalism, strong project management acumen and payroll knowledge significantly aided our ability for a smooth transition.

Stephen Nigolian
Signant Health

Our team was going through a massive implementation of an HRIS and Payroll system so we needed additional resources to come in and support day-to-day payroll operations. ClearCourse was able to jump right in and provide exceptional support to the payroll function. I feel like our payroll processing is in trusting hands which helps me sleep at night!

Dominique Tibbs

The ClearCourse Team has been a valuable asset to our operations and has deep knowledge of the Payroll, Benefits, and Workforce Management modules in Dayforce as well as practical day-to-day HR and system knowledge. From assisting us with year-end tasks, audits, interim management of the Payroll team, and Dayforce configuration, the ClearCourse team has been timely, courteous, and professional at every interaction. Truly a pleasure to work with. We will not hesitate to work with ClearCourse in the future.

Alan House

ClearCourse has been awesome! They have gone above and beyond with our various projects and keeping us afloat day to day.

Don Ignatz
Fortitude Re

Our company lacked in-house expertise to keep up with growth, compliance, and the implementation of new benefit offerings. ClearCourse stepped in and swiftly utilized their HR and Payroll expertise to keep us on track. They streamlined very manual processes and fully supported our payroll processing on quick notice. I highly recommend the ClearCourse team!

Karen Johnston
Decibel Therapeutics

ClearCourse is an important strategic partner of APi Group for our Ceridian Dayforce payroll implementations. Their team has been instrumental in bringing experience with Dayforce implementations as well as specific subject matter expertise regarding complex system configurations. Their ability to work with our business and technical teams to understand the business need and provide solutions has been outstanding. ClearCourse has been, and continues to be, an excellent partner for APi Group.”

Greg Deutsch

During the Payroll Optimization project, ClearCourse identified gaps in processes and auditing, outlined action items, and provided custom payroll processing guides and checklists. For the last year and a half, payroll processing was filled with angst and frustration…. Since ClearCourse has been involved, the days are less frantic, and issues have quieted down substantially. The payroll team has finally been able to start to regain their creditability. Thank you… ClearCourse is exactly what we needed.

Faye Saenz
American Golf

ClearCourse was so great, without their expertise there is no telling where we would be. They are absolutely fabulous and easy to work with! Thanks for the help, patience and guidance.

Robin Boggs
The Blood Connection

ClearCourse has been a dependable, valued partner to our team. They provided interim support for our system needs, assisted in onboarding and training of our team members, provided advice and guidance, managed our HCM system configuration, and delivered on any other requests we made. They are an integral part of ensuring we have the expertise we need to stay on track. They understand our culture and business demands and are always willing to work with us to meet our deadlines.

Agnes Vivaldi Blumberg, SPHR-SCP, CCP
Wise Foods, Inc.

I can honestly say that ClearCourse saved us. They helped us to meet our very tight timelines and get us to the finish line. We could not have implemented Ceridian Dayforce without ClearCourse. I highly recommend ClearCourse, they are better than any other HCM consultants. We used another firm and had to add the ClearCourse team. THANK YOU, I appreciate everything you have done for us!

Ann Miller
Voyant Beauty

Payroll, Benefits, ACA, system reconciliation, compliance and beyond. ClearCourse is my first stop when walking into a messy situation. Not to mention, their resources are a pleasure to work with. The ClearCourse Team can take the most technical of issues and translate them in a manner that anyone can understand. I can’t say enough about working their team!

Susan Ehrlich

Our company was implementing a new HR, Payroll, and Time system and the project was struggling. We needed someone to assist with both the current day to day in addition to the new system implementation. The ClearCourse team came in and saved the day! They helped optimize the current processes, while working with key stakeholders to properly plan and execute the implementation.

Binh Quan
Nizhoni Health Systems

I was very impressed with ClearCourse’s ability to walk into such a large, complex organization as SUPERVALU, and be able to quickly and effectively organize a plan of action. They delivered for us outstanding leadership and Project Management skills with an effective communication and change management ability, while remaining focused on our objectives and determined to drive results.

John Jantson

During our conversion from Lawson to Workday, we underestimated the need for dedicated analysis, testing, and project management of Absence (time off) and Payroll. ClearCourse was ready and able to augment our internal teams with all three skills and for both workstreams. Their assistance was critical to keeping our go-live timing on track. They were an awesome team to work with!

Scott Peters
C&S Wholesale Grocers

ClearCourse was an absolute savior for us in Canada and amazing to work with through this transition. The Canadian team relied on ClearCourse a lot, they helped us through this transition with such positivity and enthusiasm.

Jennifer Horrocks, CHRL
Cornerstone Building Brands

Very highly recommended! ClearCourse leadership has been key in helping us through several large-scale projects and difficult operational situations. The ClearCourse team communicates well with people at all levels of the organization including executive leadership. Their broad business knowledge and deep Payroll, Time & Attendance and Human Resources expertise have been key to our success.

Andrea Tarbox
Kapstone Paper & Packaging Corporation

ClearCourse did an excellent job implementing ADP eTime in Springfield. We were transitioning from a combination paper-based and home-grown system where employees were really entrenched and resistant to change. ClearCourse was able to listen and understand employees concerns and demonstrate to them how the new system and processes would improve our timekeeping practices.

Patrick Roach
Springfield Public Schools

ClearCourse was professional, delivered on time, listened to our needs and created solutions. They delivered what they promised and stayed on budget. They were able to resolve issues with extracts that Ceridian support had not been able to complete in months of work.

Jennifer Kozelek
ATI Physical Therapy

ClearCourse was able to provide a ray of sunshine to an otherwise bleak experience in our first year of payroll management. By mid-year, we had accumulated several dozen problems that were reflecting badly on my company’s ability to execute. ClearCourse came in, triaged the situation, and immediately dug in to begin solving many of our problems. They did so by reconfiguring the payroll system, fixing interfaces, reprogramming entitlements, and staying resolutely determined to eliminating ticketed items. I highly recommend ClearCourse to any company looking to implement a payroll system or fix existing problems.

Brian Davenport
Park Hotels & Resorts

The work ClearCourse did for us was worth its weight in gold! Major kudos, their detailed knowledge and analysis was extremely valuable. The ClearCourse team’s support clearly made a difference in the success of our Dayforce implementation!

Susan Woodard
Cornerstone Building Brands

I had the pleasure of working with the ClearCourse team over several months. They provided comprehensive guidance and knowledge at every turn, without ClearCourse our transition and implementation would have resulted in an overspend of our time and budget. ClearCourse was not only able to keep our team on task, but also manage the Ceridian team, keeping us all on target to deliver on the required timeline. I would recommend ClearCourse for any Human Capital project requiring efficiency, effectiveness, and care. We would definitely hire ClearCourse for any of our HR consulting needs in the future.

Courtney A. Murtha
Lord + Taylor

ClearCourse stepped in and provided immediate HR/Payroll processing support. They were able to quickly learn our HCM processes and keep the payroll cycle moving. ClearCourse showed great attention to detail, a strong customer service approach, and a willingness to take on any task needed. They were collaborative, patient and supportive with all those engaged. We never had a concern about the information ClearCourse reviewed or created. We would definitely work with ClearCourse again!

Rich Coose

ClearCourse stepped in when we lost a key member of our team during our Ceridian Dayforce Implementation. They were able to quickly (literally overnight!) get up to speed and get us back on track with benefits and converting employee data to meet tight deadlines. Their expertise and commitment to this project was invaluable, resulting in a successful, on-time implementation. We would not have been able to complete this project without their assistance. They are, by far, the best consulting group I have worked with.

Jillian Czlapinski
Grede Holdings

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with ClearCourse. Their knowledge of the Dayforce system and its capabilities made optimization of our organization’s system more manageable than we imagined. Their HR expertise helped to guide us in the best ways to implement our policies and procedures and they made even the most daunting tasks feel achievable. ClearCourse can be counted on to get to the bottom of any issue to make sure problems get solved!

Sara Moran
New York Philharmonic

ClearCourse led us through a people-process-technology consolidation and standardization of 19,000 employees throughout the US and Canada. We went from 31 pay groups to 13; 5 work weeks to 2; 10 timekeeping and 5 payroll systems to ONE integrated system. Due to COVID-19, we had a completely virtual, remote go live. We couldn’t have done it without ClearCourse. I’m beyond ecstatic with how well the implementation turned out!

Edgar Huerta
Cornerstone Building Brands

ClearCourse played an integral role in our recent Human Capital Management Assessment, RFP and Implementation. We set the bar very high by establishing a conversion date that many vendors said they could not meet. Not only did we meet our deadline, but our company’s transition to a new HCM platform was virtually painless thanks to the leadership, support and assistance provided by the ClearCourse Team. The project management expertise of our consultant was critical in keeping us on task and moving forward to complete our implementation. I highly recommend ClearCourse to any organization needing to optimize HCM people, process and technology.

Katie Sens
Autobell Car Wash

I highly recommend ClearCourse Cosulting for system design and implementation project work. They are professional, hands on and client focused. Our project was weeks behind with a firm go live deadline. We brought in ClearCourse and they worked non-stop to get our project back on track and make our go live date on time without issues. We would not have had the success we did without them!  

David J. Pia
Boston Public Health Commission

ClearCourse helped steer us through a final Human Capital Management vendor selection, and then led our ADP implementation for 6,000 employees. They produced detailed analysis and made expert recommendations. With professional consultants at our disposal, we could keep an open mind and look at all options before deciding on final solutions. Thanks for the great job and all the hard work! We really appreciate it!

Amin Tejani
Prime Communications