Payroll and Tax Compliance

Payroll and Tax Compliance

Are you buried in a mountain of tax notices? Is the IRS knocking at your door? By partnering with ClearCourse Consulting, you can focus on what you do best while our experts handle, execute, and train your staff how to manage these complex payroll responsibilities.

Payroll Services:

A Payroll Process Review will examine the entire sequence of events that coordinate each payroll cycle from top to bottom. Your ClearCourse consultant will communicate key insights and recommendations about how to improve your process and deliver the expertise you need to make it more efficient, accurate, compliant and secure. Some examples include:

  • Examine employee determination and Right-to-Work in the United States
  • Payroll compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Verify set-up of taxable/non-taxable earnings & benefits
  • Analyze wage withholding orders
  • Review Federal, State, & Local tax structure
  • Provide year-end process analysis
  • Assistance with payroll related government audits


Tax Compliance Services:

Keeping current with ever-changing federal, state and local tax regulations is essential. Performing regular audits and staying in compliance avoids costly penalties, wasted time, the need to file W-2c forms, and employee dissatisfaction. We stay current on payroll taxation changes and updates to provide you the following services:

  • Create and/or review tax reconciliation
  • Verify tax remittance balances to tax withholdings from employees and required employer liabilities
  • Review of employee level tax setup
  • Audit earnings and benefits in payroll system
  • Provide year-end tax assistance
  • Forensic research to resolve prior year errors
  • On-call support when expertise is required